Summer camps
Week 1 – June 17-20
Week 2 – June 24-27
Week 3 – July 8-11
Week 4 – July 15-18
Week 5 – July 22-25
Week 6 – July 29-Aug 1
Week 7 – Aug 5-8
Weeky 8 – Aug 12-16
Week 9 – Aug 19-22


June 30 – Jumping Derby
July 14 – Summer Fun Show
August TBD – Ride-a-Test (Dressage)


June 8-9 – Elisa Wallace – Done!
August 31- September 1  – Daryl Kinney

Cross Country Course:

Cross Country Course open to the public (e-mail for reservations) – see calendar below for availability for $25.00 per rider.

The cross country course is open for small groups to school on every Monday and alternating Sundays by appointment. Contact us via e-mail or Facebook to schedule a time.  For riders under 18, an insured trainer is required to supervise.  Jumps may move or change from week to week depending on shows and training activities. See calendar below for details.

The course includes baby beginner through novice height jumps w/ two training level jumps.  There are fixed as well as moveable jumps. The course is open, flat, and friendly/inviting for new horses and new riders. We attempt to maintain the property as well as possible but due to weather and natural events (such as animals digging) footing may change.  You must inspect your routes prior to riding.

Calendar (note that calendar may be out of date):