Vixen Hollow has partners with Fox Sport Horses and Lyrical Lane Equestrian to offer lessons to all levels of riders.  Whether your child wants their first experienced on horseback, you’re an advanced rider looking to improve your skills, or if you’re just a casual pleasure riding looking for help with a few riding vices, we have trainers that will suit your needs.


Melissa Fox – Lead Trainer – Fox Sport Horses

Melissa Fox has been riding for more than 20 years. From working as a groom on the track to coaching Carleton Equestrian Team, Melissa has experienced it all.  Melissa specializes in eventing and her riders advance quickly to become accomplished riders in any discipline.  When she’s not giving lessons, Melissa focuses on rehabilitating and retraining off-track thoroughbreds.

Katie Ruggle – Trainer

For new riders or returning riders who need a refresh, Katie is the perfect mix of patient and methodical.  She will help you learn the fundamentals correctly to set you on the path to being a great rider and horseperson.

Tegan Larson – Trainer – Lyrical Lane Performance Horses (on sabbatical – but still around the farm!)

Tegan has farming in her roots.  From starting horses to herding cows, to driving a tractor, to vetting your goat, she can teach you how to do everything that needs with your animal and on your farm.  Tegan specializes in western pleasure, trail riding, gaming, hunt seat, and riding fundamentals.  For nervous riders looking to regain their trust in horses with low pressure, confidence building rides, Tegan is your gal.


Lesson rates:

Private – 60
Semi-private – 55
Group – 50

Contact if are interested in signing yourself or child up for lessons.  No previous experience necessary!