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Summer Camp

Vixen Hollow has partnered with Fox Sport Horses to provide a fun summer day camp.

Vixen Hollow is a beautiful 80 acre farm, located just outside of Northfield, Minnesota.  With a great location, only 45 minutes from the twin cities and a bike ride from St. Olaf’s and 5 minute drive from both colleges in Northfield, Vixen Hollow offers convenience and a great atmosphere.

Why Board Your Horse at Vixen Hollow?

Vixen Hollow is focused on quality care for your horse and is not profit driven.  Loyal boarders are participating in the co-op automatically by signing the board contract and will be given discounts on board after a year should the farm prove to be profitable.  And when feed and operation costs go down, board costs go down too, benefiting all boarders.

Horses get individual attention needed; your horse has access to grass pasture, 24×7 quality grass hay or dry lots depending on their dietary needs. Run-in shelters and waterers guarantee that your horse will always have its needs met.  Weight and condition will be carefully monitored by our expert staff that have experience with hard keepers, easy keepers, and everything in between.  Paddocks are never over-crowded to make sure that horses avoid pasture injuries.

But at Vixen Hollow, we don’t just focus on your horses’ survival but on their mental stimulation as well.  We partner with Fox Sport Horses to help both horse and rider  maximize their potential and enjoyment.

And while care for your horse comes first, our farm staff is focused on a family-friendly, low drama and fun atmosphere.  With space to grow, we will be adding new riding features all the time as well as improvements to the farm.


  • 6 large grass pastures with shelter and heated waterers
  • Additional summer pasture
  • 3 dry lots
  • 10 stall heated barn
  • Lounge
  • 60×120 indoor arena attached to the barn
  • 2 goats for snuggling
  • Forested and field areas for riding
  • Large outdoor arena 120×240 ft
  • 60 foot round pen
  • Cross country obstacles and jump field
Sara Lofgren

Sara Lofgren


Horselover, mom, passionate about the care of horses and the joy of everyone involved.

Bella Perez

Bella Perez

Asst. Trainer

Rider. Farm-hand. Eventing. Dressage. Jumping.